Stand Up PAddle Boarding in Charlottesville, VA


If you have never given stand up paddleboarding a try, you are missing out on one of America’s fasted growing watersport. SUP, as it is known, will show you just how much you have missed out on when it comes to enjoying the water.

Bring along your paddleboard and traverse across whitewater rivers, increase your fitness level, and even do Yoga!

Paddleboarding was, at one time, an ancient sport in Hawaii, and now has become one of the best and popular outdoor recreational activity. Do not think you are limited to just beaches. If there is a body of water, then hit it up!

Yes, this is like riding a surfboard across the waves of the Pacific Ocean. You will use your upper body strength. Paddleboarding is a great way to exercise and burn off some of those unwanted calories, as well. And it is FUN!

Around twenty minutes away from Charlottesville, you will find Beaver Creek and Walnut Creek. These gorgeous lakes are encased by a beautiful forest, full of largemouth bass, and offer incredible views of the impeccable Blue Ridge Mountains.

Whether you are taking lessons, cruising along at sunset, participating in Yoga, or hanging out for the day, these creeks are the place to be!

If you happen to be experienced, head down to a local river company and hop on a paddleboarding trip. Go anywhere from two miles, up to a little over six and a half, and show your catlike skills to the new folks.

A great place to showcase your skills is the Free Bridge or a hosted excursion down the river to Riverview Park.

Should you have been paddleboarding for what seems like an eternity, meet up with a local company and go from the Free Bridge to Milton Landing. Paddle for around three hours, over some rocky areas, Class ll rapids, and between the Southwest Mountains. You must have had River Skills Trip for stand up paddleboarding should you book a local excursion.

Charlottesville has some of the best and most amazing areas to conquer stand up paddleboarding. It does not matter if you just started SUP today or have been enjoying the adventurer for five years, every day is a different adventure!

Stand UP Paddle Board

10 Tips for A Safe SUP Trip in Charlottesville

SUP, which is Stand up paddle boarding, is an excellent way to have fun on the water, and as a bonus, get a workout-a full-body one! An advantage of standing up on your board offers the opportunity to see what’s swimming around under you. Plus, a fantastic view of the horizon!

If you have never conquered SUP, it is good to know something about the gear you will use, and basic techniques. To have an excellent adventure and want to return, you will need to know a few things.

How do you get suited and geared up to SUP? Well, of course, you will need a paddleboard.

A couple of first time SUP tips. Also great for those who have not been out in a while.


1. STAND UP PADDLE BOARD: Should this be your first time out, consider borrowing a board from a close friend or renting one from a reputable company. Renting or borrowing will help you determine what kind of board is your style and fit. Also, to help determine which cool board to get, consider where you will be using and the local conditions.

Not all boards are created equal! Some are specific to a discipline, like surfing, racing, SUP yoga, and recreational paddling in areas like a lake. Renting a SUP will give you staff that will guide you in the right direction.

2. PADDLE: Having a properly sized paddle is also essential. The paddle looks almost like a canoe paddle that has meet stretch Armstrong, with a blade that comes forward to help you achieve your maximum paddling efficiency. Keep in mind that a proper paddle will reach your wrist when standing in front of you and raise your arm.

3. PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE: You will need a personal flotation device or PFD on board. Your stand up paddle board is a vessel according to the U. S. Coast Guard if you travel outside of designated surfing or swimming locations. While an adult does not have to have the PFD on, a child must. Check out the age regulations for Virginia before heading out to save you potential trouble.

4. LIGHT AND SAFETY WHISTLE: Another requirement from the U. S. Coast Guard is a safety whistle. This whistle allows you to warn other boaters that you are near. Should you be out after dark, some type of light should also be on board. You would not want to end up stranded in the water because you did not see that large rock in the water.

5. CORRECT CLOTHING: While you may be able to wear a swimsuit or shorts during the summertime months if, on warm water, there is always the possibility of those sunny conditions turning cooler. So, plan accordingly. Should you decide to SUP in an area where temperatures are much cooler, such as the mountains, where you could experience hypothermia, consider wearing a wet or dry suit.


Whether you are a beginner, first time SUP user, or have not been out on a board in a while, consider these helpful techniques to ensure that your time on the board is enjoyable.

1. Pick a lake, pond, or stream that is small and calm. Ensure that the body of water is free of obstacles such as large visible rocks, larger boats, or buoys.

2. Go out on a sunny day that is not windy.

3. Head out on your SUP with a buddy so that each of you can help the other if needed.

4. Paddle for about 60 minutes. The short time will help you ease your way into SUP and not get overly tired.

5. Check out a sandy beach so that you can wade in and not struggle when launching your SUP.


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in Charlottesville can be an exciting outdoor adventure. Consider hitting up the Rivanna River or Beaver Creek Lake. For those looking to travel a lit bit, head up to the gorgeous James River.

Hiking in Charlottesville VA



Does your annual business meeting, weekend girl’s trip, family get together, or a solo trip to recharge your batteries have you at Charlottesville, VA, and Boar’s Head Resort? If the answer is yes, do not forget to pack your best pair of hiking boots to hit some of the outstanding trails in the area.

Boar’s Head Resort is not your typical hotel type establishment in the Charlottesville area. The resort encompasses more than 570 acres and offers pathways to take you down around lakes, ponds, and wetlands. There is even a cemetery with some history to view while out strolling.

Lace-up your hiking shoes and hit one of the L. F. Payne Heritage Trails. There are five ranging from gravel, grass, or woodland available for your hiking pleasure.

Butterfly Trail can be found near the resort and is a comfortable gravel and grassy .45-mile adventure. The cemetery trail is .25 miles and is a moderate grass-covered walk. Muddy Spur is also .25 and grass-covered.

Main Trail is a mixture of gravel, grass, and woodland, thus comfortable, moderate, and challenging. There are also different lengths throughout, so do not worry and bring the kiddos as there are several 0.5-mile sections.

Foxhaven Run is 2.0 miles and includes a mix of moderate and challenging difficulty.

Head outside of Boar’s Head Resort and explore the Charlottesville area with a visit to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Find a great place to park and set off on an adventure to view some sunsets, overlooks, and challenging climbs.

Humpback Rocks Trail is one of those outstanding trails. A one-mile steep climb that goes up to around 700 feet gives you a small challenge. The result, though, is fabulous. Do not forget your camera as The Rocks provide excellent sunsets and sunrises. The Appalachian Trail also crosses this trail, so plan accordingly should you wish to hike a few more miles.

The Saunders-Monticello Trail only has one drawback, and that is that it is pretty darn popular. To achieve an experience, unlike any other when at this trail, it is best to arrive in the early morning. No matter when you decide to visit, this two-plus mile trail is fantastic!

As you wander along the trail, take in the spectacular views of Charlottesville and Albemarle County. If the trees are bare, snap some unforgettable memories of those lavish views.

Another Albemarle County place to head to is Ivy Creek Natural Area. This natural area provides hikers with a variety of mostly flat trails. The kids are welcome here; unfortunately, Fido will need to sit this one out.

Rivanna River Trails are part of a trail system that encompasses the city limits of Charlottesville. There are points to access the spectacular trials about one to two miles from the Downtown Mall. Hikers, bikers, and runners will love the wide, paved trails.

One of the most magnificent trails off Skyline Drive is Riprap Trail. You will be sitting in the Riprap Trail Parking lot from the downtown area in less than an hour. How cool is that! This nonstrenuous hike out to the impressive ridge provides you with a jaw-dropping view of the Shenandoah Valley.

Hiking the entire nine miles takes about 5 or 6 hours, and about 2.5 miles round trip out to the ridge.  There is an entrance fee to Shenandoah National Park, so plan accordingly. This fee grants unlimited park access for a week.