Stand Up PAddle Boarding in Charlottesville, VA


If you have never given stand up paddleboarding a try, you are missing out on one of America’s fasted growing watersport. SUP, as it is known, will show you just how much you have missed out on when it comes to enjoying the water.

Bring along your paddleboard and traverse across whitewater rivers, increase your fitness level, and even do Yoga!

Paddleboarding was, at one time, an ancient sport in Hawaii, and now has become one of the best and popular outdoor recreational activity. Do not think you are limited to just beaches. If there is a body of water, then hit it up!

Yes, this is like riding a surfboard across the waves of the Pacific Ocean. You will use your upper body strength. Paddleboarding is a great way to exercise and burn off some of those unwanted calories, as well. And it is FUN!

Around twenty minutes away from Charlottesville, you will find Beaver Creek and Walnut Creek. These gorgeous lakes are encased by a beautiful forest, full of largemouth bass, and offer incredible views of the impeccable Blue Ridge Mountains.

Whether you are taking lessons, cruising along at sunset, participating in Yoga, or hanging out for the day, these creeks are the place to be!

If you happen to be experienced, head down to a local river company and hop on a paddleboarding trip. Go anywhere from two miles, up to a little over six and a half, and show your catlike skills to the new folks.

A great place to showcase your skills is the Free Bridge or a hosted excursion down the river to Riverview Park.

Should you have been paddleboarding for what seems like an eternity, meet up with a local company and go from the Free Bridge to Milton Landing. Paddle for around three hours, over some rocky areas, Class ll rapids, and between the Southwest Mountains. You must have had River Skills Trip for stand up paddleboarding should you book a local excursion.

Charlottesville has some of the best and most amazing areas to conquer stand up paddleboarding. It does not matter if you just started SUP today or have been enjoying the adventurer for five years, every day is a different adventure!

Charlottesville Escape Room


After your annual meeting has come to an end, gather up a few coworkers and stay another night at the Boar’s Head. Check out all the amenities this famous resort in Charlottesville has to offer. While there are recreational activities such as a scavenger hunt, geocaching, and kayaking, think outside the box and head to the Escape Room.

What is an Escape Room, you ask? Well, it is pretty much a game where a group of players come together and solve puzzles with the clues they uncover. The tasks may occur in more than one room, and there is a certain amount of time that you must finish. Yes, the goal is to escape from where you are.

Do not worry if you get stuck at any time. Your team can ask for hints. Escape Room is a game that requires everyone to work together.

What makes the Escape Room at the Boar’s Head unique is that it is not just a room; it is a house known as A Cabin in The Woods. Should you go along with local legend, this old home experienced some black magic rituals and practices of the occult back in the day.

For one hour you and your group will be responsible for helping your friend, a journalist, escape. Solve riddles, endure brain teasers, and riffle through clues of the occult as you try to find a way out.

Remember that the clock is winding down, so the clues need to be solved quickly so that your group can move to the next challenge. You will be using your thinking cap and biting your nails to see what lies in the next clue.

Will you make it out, or will time be your enemy?

This incredible journey of trust, teamwork, and communication is among the many outdoor recreational available from Boar’s Head Outfitters. Call and book your Escape Room adventure if you dare!


Charlottesville is a biking mecca, thanks to being near the mountains. Numerous locations in the city, and destinations a bit further away make this an ideal Virginia Blue Ridge biking base.

Follow along as we highlight a few of these incredible biking locations.


Located in Albemarle County, this multi-use trails system consists of an outer loop with trails weaving through the center. More than eight miles of rocky, technical, and flowing trail await your wheels.

There are a few things to consider when biking Preddy Creek. E-bikes are not allowed, a lift service is not available, there are no restrooms, and drinking water is not offered.


For those bikers with advanced skills and well-formed technical skills, looking for a more challenging place to ride, this trail up by the Blue Ridge Parkway sections of Nelson and Rockbridge Counties is just for you.

This incredibly powerful trail system offers many unmarked trails, so a guide may be of service here.


George Washington National Forest is the crème de la crème of mountain biking in Virginia. At least that is what this national forest is called by the Charlottesville Area Mountain Biking Club.

Some intense, well sought-after trails found in the national forest and spread across five ranger stations include,Lookout Loop, Camp Todd, and Tearjacket Trail.

North River Ranger District includes Brandywine Recreation Area, which houses Brandywine Lake. Along with a jam-packed adventure area, a host of hiking and mountain biking trails are available.

Over in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area is Beartree Recreation Area. This peaceful domain provides solace, rest, and recreation to all that visit. After you hit the trails, enjoy lunch in the picnic area or cool off at the beach.

Families will love spending the day hiking along the Pig Iron Trail, learning how iron was made. Put on your helmets and cruise along any of the trails that you encounter with the kids. When your biking adventures are done for the day, learn about some history as you find your way across a swinging bridge to check out the cabin full of history.

Pandapas Pond Day Use Area in the Eastern Divide Ranger District gives bikers 17-miles along the Poverty Creek System to enjoy all day long. Difficulty levels range from easy to most difficult and are anywhere from .3 tenths of a mile, Woods & Fields to 7.2 miles, Poverty Creek.


Hit the trails at one of the gems located in Albemarle County, Walnut Creek. Fifteen miles are friendly and multi-use for mountain bikes and bikes. Spread throughout the area are single tracks, with fast climbs for the intermediate to advanced skill level riders.

Be extra careful when utilizing these trails as rocks become loose, and roots add more edge to this already tricky climb.

Trails can be combined, so extending out your rides are an option. Come for an intense ride and finish with an easy one.

Stand UP Paddle Board

10 Tips for A Safe SUP Trip in Charlottesville

SUP, which is Stand up paddle boarding, is an excellent way to have fun on the water, and as a bonus, get a workout-a full-body one! An advantage of standing up on your board offers the opportunity to see what’s swimming around under you. Plus, a fantastic view of the horizon!

If you have never conquered SUP, it is good to know something about the gear you will use, and basic techniques. To have an excellent adventure and want to return, you will need to know a few things.

How do you get suited and geared up to SUP? Well, of course, you will need a paddleboard.

A couple of first time SUP tips. Also great for those who have not been out in a while.


1. STAND UP PADDLE BOARD: Should this be your first time out, consider borrowing a board from a close friend or renting one from a reputable company. Renting or borrowing will help you determine what kind of board is your style and fit. Also, to help determine which cool board to get, consider where you will be using and the local conditions.

Not all boards are created equal! Some are specific to a discipline, like surfing, racing, SUP yoga, and recreational paddling in areas like a lake. Renting a SUP will give you staff that will guide you in the right direction.

2. PADDLE: Having a properly sized paddle is also essential. The paddle looks almost like a canoe paddle that has meet stretch Armstrong, with a blade that comes forward to help you achieve your maximum paddling efficiency. Keep in mind that a proper paddle will reach your wrist when standing in front of you and raise your arm.

3. PERSONAL FLOTATION DEVICE: You will need a personal flotation device or PFD on board. Your stand up paddle board is a vessel according to the U. S. Coast Guard if you travel outside of designated surfing or swimming locations. While an adult does not have to have the PFD on, a child must. Check out the age regulations for Virginia before heading out to save you potential trouble.

4. LIGHT AND SAFETY WHISTLE: Another requirement from the U. S. Coast Guard is a safety whistle. This whistle allows you to warn other boaters that you are near. Should you be out after dark, some type of light should also be on board. You would not want to end up stranded in the water because you did not see that large rock in the water.

5. CORRECT CLOTHING: While you may be able to wear a swimsuit or shorts during the summertime months if, on warm water, there is always the possibility of those sunny conditions turning cooler. So, plan accordingly. Should you decide to SUP in an area where temperatures are much cooler, such as the mountains, where you could experience hypothermia, consider wearing a wet or dry suit.


Whether you are a beginner, first time SUP user, or have not been out on a board in a while, consider these helpful techniques to ensure that your time on the board is enjoyable.

1. Pick a lake, pond, or stream that is small and calm. Ensure that the body of water is free of obstacles such as large visible rocks, larger boats, or buoys.

2. Go out on a sunny day that is not windy.

3. Head out on your SUP with a buddy so that each of you can help the other if needed.

4. Paddle for about 60 minutes. The short time will help you ease your way into SUP and not get overly tired.

5. Check out a sandy beach so that you can wade in and not struggle when launching your SUP.


Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in Charlottesville can be an exciting outdoor adventure. Consider hitting up the Rivanna River or Beaver Creek Lake. For those looking to travel a lit bit, head up to the gorgeous James River.

Golf in Charlotesville VA


Those that love golf will hit some balls any time of the year! With fantastic weather, lush greens, and trees that are blossoming, grab your clubs and head to Charlottesville and check out the best golf courses near Boar’s Head Resort.

1. Full Cry at Keswick Hall

Full Cry is a Pete Dye course that merges a modern architecture of a golf course with some outstanding Virginia countryside. Any skill level will love playing this terrain, as you will be anywhere from 5,000 to 7,000 yards from a variety of tees. Full Cry lies under Keswick Hall’s location on the high ground of the property, offering some outstanding views and an incredible experience.

2. Spring Creek Golf Club

Situated a short 20-minutes to the east of Charlottesville is Spring Creek Golf Club, a well-nationally recognized course. Ed Carton designed this incredible grass fairway course with lots of trees and greenery. Enjoy a few rounds with your best-golfing buddies, do a solo 9, host a company tournament, or have a wedding at this immaculate golf course.

3. Meadowcreek Golf Course

Nestled in the mystic shadows of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains is Meadowcreek Golf Course. This downtown Charlottesville golf course offers up one hundred and fifty-five acres covered with outstanding views and holes to challenge any golfer.

After you have crushed your partner’s scores, head over to the grill and full-service bar for some relaxation and unwind with an appetizer and much-needed drink to help cool you down.

Meadowcreek Golf Course would make the perfect location for an outing for the attendees of your next office meeting. Weddings would also look fabulous with a spectacular golf course backdrop.

4. Old Trail Golf Club

Head west of Charlottesville into the Blue Ridge Mountains and hit the links at Old Trail Golf Club. The course is a championship course of 18 holes and features a clubhouse that is full service. Following the layout of the land and its natural features, any golfer level will have a fantastic time.

Bring your little future golfers along and follow the junior markers as you train them to be the next Arnold Palmer. Thanks to a partnership with Kandi Comer Golf Academy, the next generation can continue learning with a player development program. This golf academy is also an option for adults for those that wish to perfect their scores.

5. Birdwood Golf Course

As you are enjoying your time at Boar’s Head Resort carve out some time to hit the newest 18 championship golf course equipped with a six-hole par 3 course. This experience is available thanks to the teamwork and partnership with Davis Love lll, yes, the PGA Professional, and Love Golf Design.

Invite your friends to join you on the course as Birdwood Golf Course is open to the public. This course also plays host to the University of Virginia’s NCAA golf team, so you may be able to check them out!


No matter what time of the year you are in, Charlottesville, hit one of these excellent golf courses. Relax in the warm sun or enjoy a crisp fall morning as you kick off your shoes and search for that ball you lost in the water hazard.

Corporate Events at The Boar's Head REsort

5 Reasons to Choose the Boar’s Head Resort for Your Next Corporate Event

Head to Charlottesville, Virginia, for your next corporate event and enjoy a top-notch resort and an abundance of space. Some of the amenities for your group to indulge in include fine dining, outstanding golf courses, excellent team-building opportunities, and so much more!

Outstanding mountain views and exceptional staff also await your arrival at this exquisite 600-acre Blue Ridge Mountain resort.

Should you still have a hard time deciding whether the Boar’s Head Resort is the perfect place, let us check out some of the fantastic reasons that this is the best place for your next corporate event.


Found just a couple of hours from Washington, DC, Boar’s Head Resort sits at the foot of the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains. An airport is nearby, as is the University of Virginia. Downtown Charlottesville is also close for additional shopping and nightlife.


Hopefully, your corporate meeting will not run longer than 8 hours, so that those attending can enjoy some recreational fitness and fun. Fitness buffs will love the view from the treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and free weights, as they continue their fitness regimen or start a new one at the Charlottesville fitness center in The Sports Club.

Personal trainers are also available to assist you with any goals or questions that you may have. Pilates, rock wall climbing, and basketball are a few of the other options for fun.

Should squash be your jam, head to the McArthur Squash Center and enjoy playing on a single or double course. Not sure how to play, no problem, there is a professional squash coach on-site to help you out.

Do not forget to pack your swimsuit so that after your meeting you can hit one of three outdoor pools.

Play a round of tennis, learn how to play, or watch a match of either the women or men’s University of Virginia teams.

If you were fortunate to bring your golf clubs along, hit some balls on the driving range, or pick up some digs at the Pro Shop. Do not forget to try your hand at the newest golf experience at Boar’s Head Resort, a partnership with Davis Love III that offers 18-holes, a putting course, and six-hole par-3.

As you are packing for your corporate event, throw in your favorite pair of hiking shoes. Five hiking trails range from .25 to 2 miles for you to enjoy and recharge.

Grab some of your coworkers and head out with Boar’s Head Outfitters to enjoy a friendly on-site scavenger hunt, or down to a close river for some guided paddling. Whichever you pick, you are going to make amazing memories!


Fine dining, snacks, and cocktails will satisfy everyone in your group. You will find these options at the Mill Room restaurant located on-site where you can endure some excellent local Virginia cuisine. Spend time on the veranda, the glass-backed bar for a quick drink, or in the 4-diamond restaurant for a dinner to remember.


Southern meets modern in the elegant suites and guest rooms that you will find at Boar’s Head Resort. Historic décor highlights the southern and coffee makers bring in the current. Spend some time on the balcony, patio, or curled up in front of the fireplace as you enjoy your terrycloth robe and plush bedding.

Another excellent accommodation perk includes having your room or suite viewing the lush landscape or the resort lakes. What a way to wake up!


If the 600-acres, dining, recreation, or accommodations have not swayed you into the Boar’s Head Resort, how does the sound of 22,000 square feet of meeting space sound! That is right; all this space is at this charming resort nestled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

It does not matter if you prefer a U-shape, hollow square, classroom, or conference style seating as it is covered here.

Executive Boardroom is 47 feet x 23 feet, 1,081 square feet-12-foot ceilings, and can accommodate a maximum -100 folks in theatre-style seating.  The maximum for the room if your meeting is U-shaped is 30, while a classroom setting holds up to 50.

The Pavilion holds up to 630 in theatre-style seating, and 270 in 6 people crescent rounds. The room is 111 feet x 53 feet and has an amazing 19-foot ceiling height.

Should your corporate event be small, then check out the Rogan Room. At 544 square feet, this 24’ x 32’ room is excellent for 17 when U-shape seating, and 22 in a conference.

Do not forget the reception! Gather 600 of your closest colleagues and hit the Pavilion room again. Too big, then the Pavilion 1 will hold up to 189, and if that is still a lot of space, consider the Albemarle Room at 754 square feet.

There is also a Ballroom that is 3,458 square feet that holds 350 for a reception, 72 in a U-shape seating environment, and 220 in the classroom style.

These are only a sampling of the 22 rooms spread throughout the Boar’s Head Resort available for your meeting or corporate event. Another plus is that audiovisual equipment is available for rent to help ensure your event goes off flawlessly.

4 REasons Scanver Hunts are Great For Team Building

Top 4 Reasons Scavenger Hunts are a Safe Bet for Team Building


Your corporate event is an opportunity to bring your entire team together for a day of fun. Luckily, Colorado Springs provides a stunning backdrop for any number of exciting corporate and team-building activities, each more exciting than the next! The Broadmoor Hunt, one of our most popular Colorado Springs tours, sees participants embark on a fun-packed journey through renowned resort The Broadmoor, where you’ll encounter a series of tasks for a race to the finish line. You’ll also have a free, interactive app on your side to help your team through your journey. 

Scavenger hunts like these are a popular choice for corporate tours and team building for a variety of reasons. From promoting teamwork to encouraging trust and elevating team morale, here are a few reasons why a team scavenger hunt may be the perfect corporate activity for your team in the months to come.

Employee Engagement

Engaging your employees is crucial during times of stress and is important for maintaining a positive office culture. According to studies, employees feel happier and more fulfilled in their careers when they feel like they are working toward a greater purpose. By keeping your employees continually engaged, you’ll end up seeing results in the long run. This is where corporate events like scavenger hunts really shine. Our Colorado Springs scavenger hunts are ideal for teams hoping for a fun-filled experience that challenges their strength and their critical thinking skills. By honing these, you’ll be building a better, stronger team overall, and help each team member realize their part. 

Improving Communication

Strong team communication, especially during times of remote working, is crucial for productivity and the general flow of any team. Scavenger hunts provide an excellent opportunity to promote strong communication among your team as you face a series of obstacles and challenges. You’ll need to work together to solve problems, and by the end of the hunt, you’ll be able to bask in a collective win that sees your entire team beaming with pride. 

Building Trust

Trust is a cornerstone of any successful team, and you’ll need plenty of it to make it through the modern-day scavenger hunt. By relying on each other and working together to achieve a common goal, your team will experience a newfound appreciation for one another.  

Having Fun

The pressures on today’s employees can be a lot to handle, which is why it’s so important that teams take some time away from the hustle and instead enjoy each other’s company for an afternoon. The Broadmoor Hunt is just one of many scavenger hunts capable of bringing your team together, and you’re sure to reap the benefits down the road. 

Colorado Springs boasts an awesome array of outdoor activities for your corporate tour or team-building event. From throwing an axe, shooting archery, hiking to mountain biking and rock climbing in between, your team is sure to enjoy the beauty of Colorado to the fullest when you book your tour with Broadmoor Outfitters. Give us a call to schedule your upcoming team outing. 

Safer Outdoors–Outdoor Activities to Improve Your Health During COVID-19

Venturing out to the great outdoors regularly can have a positive, lasting impact on physical health, but in the era of COVID-19, it’s even more important to get out there and embrace the fresh air. While the coronavirus pandemic has caused the closure of many forms of indoor entertainment, outdoor activities have become a great source of comfort for millions. According to scientists, the outdoors is also the least likely place to contract COVID-19, so long as social distancing measures are followed. Colorado Springs provides the perfect backdrop for exciting, outdoor adventure, and at Broadmoor Outfitters, it’s our mission to craft one-of-a-kind experiences our guests will never forget. Here are a few Colorado Springs activities to help improve your mental and physical well-being during difficult times.  


Colorado Springs Hiking Adventures

Colorado Springs and surrounding areas house some of the most beautiful hiking trails in North America. With many gyms still closed to patrons, hiking serves as a fantastic source of exercise and an opportunity to enjoy the incredible fresh air that Colorado Springs has to offer. Broadmoor Outfitters has a number of guided hiking trails to ensure a safe, serene trip for everyone hoping to get moving amid COVID-19. Our guides are able to provide a wonderful experience, all while taking appropriate cautions to ensure guests’ safety is always top of mind. 


Broadmoor Outfitters Biking Tours

Biking around Garden of the Gods while the sun shines upon you is one of the best ways to escape the confines of your home. Not only does biking burn calories, but it’s also one of the best ways to take in the beauty of Colorado Springs. Broadmoor Outfitters hosts various biking tours to help you make the most of your time in the city. With Pike’s Peak off in the distance, our late afternoon and sunset make for the perfect memory for you and/or loved ones. 


Zip Lining Courses 

Nothing screams “fresh air” like flying through it at 500 ft.! Our Colorado Springs zip-lining adventures are ideal for the adrenaline-seekers among us, or anyone hoping to escape the indoors for some much-needed physical activity. Breeze by some of Colorado’s most magnificent natural landscapes on any one of our zip-lining adventures. We have multiple courses to choose from to ensure a spectacular view. 


Rock Climbing Excursions

At Broadmoor Outfitters, we always play it safe, but that’s not to say we don’t like to be daring. Our Colorado Springs rock climbing tours offer the chance to put your physical and mental skills to the test. Colorado Springs natural rock formations allow for some of the most thrilling rock climbing in the U.S., and we’re proud to offer a variety of rock climbing tours to accommodate varying skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or of a more advanced skill set, we’ve got a rock just for you. 


There has never been a better time for outdoor enjoyment, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for you. Call us to book your next Colorado Springs outdoor adventure.