Stand Up PAddle Boarding in Charlottesville, VA

If you have never given stand up paddleboarding a try, you are missing out on one of America’s fasted growing watersport. SUP, as it is known, will show you just how much you have missed out on when it comes to enjoying the water.

Bring along your paddleboard and traverse across whitewater rivers, increase your fitness level, and even do Yoga!

Paddleboarding was, at one time, an ancient sport in Hawaii, and now has become one of the best and popular outdoor recreational activity. Do not think you are limited to just beaches. If there is a body of water, then hit it up!

Yes, this is like riding a surfboard across the waves of the Pacific Ocean. You will use your upper body strength. Paddleboarding is a great way to exercise and burn off some of those unwanted calories, as well. And it is FUN!

Around twenty minutes away from Charlottesville, you will find Beaver Creek and Walnut Creek. These gorgeous lakes are encased by a beautiful forest, full of largemouth bass, and offer incredible views of the impeccable Blue Ridge Mountains.

Whether you are taking lessons, cruising along at sunset, participating in Yoga, or hanging out for the day, these creeks are the place to be!

If you happen to be experienced, head down to a local river company and hop on a paddleboarding trip. Go anywhere from two miles, up to a little over six and a half, and show your catlike skills to the new folks.

A great place to showcase your skills is the Free Bridge or a hosted excursion down the river to Riverview Park.

Should you have been paddleboarding for what seems like an eternity, meet up with a local company and go from the Free Bridge to Milton Landing. Paddle for around three hours, over some rocky areas, Class ll rapids, and between the Southwest Mountains. You must have had River Skills Trip for stand up paddleboarding should you book a local excursion.

Charlottesville has some of the best and most amazing areas to conquer stand up paddleboarding. It does not matter if you just started SUP today or have been enjoying the adventurer for five years, every day is a different adventure!