Charlottesville Escape Room

After your annual meeting has come to an end, gather up a few coworkers and stay another night at the Boar’s Head. Check out all the amenities this famous resort in Charlottesville has to offer. While there are recreational activities such as a scavenger hunt, geocaching, and kayaking, think outside the box and head to the Escape Room.

What is an Escape Room, you ask? Well, it is pretty much a game where a group of players come together and solve puzzles with the clues they uncover. The tasks may occur in more than one room, and there is a certain amount of time that you must finish. Yes, the goal is to escape from where you are.

Do not worry if you get stuck at any time. Your team can ask for hints. Escape Room is a game that requires everyone to work together.

What makes the Escape Room at the Boar’s Head unique is that it is not just a room; it is a house known as A Cabin in The Woods. Should you go along with local legend, this old home experienced some black magic rituals and practices of the occult back in the day.

For one hour you and your group will be responsible for helping your friend, a journalist, escape. Solve riddles, endure brain teasers, and riffle through clues of the occult as you try to find a way out.

Remember that the clock is winding down, so the clues need to be solved quickly so that your group can move to the next challenge. You will be using your thinking cap and biting your nails to see what lies in the next clue.

Will you make it out, or will time be your enemy?

This incredible journey of trust, teamwork, and communication is among the many outdoor recreational available from Boar’s Head Outfitters. Call and book your Escape Room adventure if you dare!