Art Glass Tours in Charlottesville VA

The art lovers that visit Charlottesville, Virginia, will be delighted to come across The Glass Palette. This mother-daughter co-owned studio is a unique and mesmerizing nod to the world of art glass.

Come and let your creative juices flow when you stop by The Glass Palette. Whether you decide on attending a class or walking in, you will enjoy fusing and slumping. Design your creative piece, and they will fire it at 1,450 degrees to get your glass to melt together. Shapes are formed when refired at lower temperatures and slumped into molds.

Bring two layers and design elements to life in dimensions that range from 1 inch to 12 inches. Due to the process, you will need to return in a few days to pick up the finished piece.

Do you love the stained glass or mosaic look? Excellent! With new techniques and growing interest over the last couple of decades, artists bring together new designs and forms daily. The possibilities of what you create are endless.

Attend a workshop on Enamel Painting on Glass. In this class, you will learn the steps and techniques to create your own glass enamel. The instructors take you along on outlining, shading, and coloring. After you have created your sample tiles, you will also create an 8” finished bowl.

Another workshop option at The Glass Palette is Sand Art in Glass. In this workshop, you will take glass sand, inclusions, and shaping tools to bring to life colorful fused glass tiles. The tiles can be dish-shaped or flat displays.

You will have created a small and large tile/plate of your design by the time the workshop is over. The great thing about this workshop is that all materials come included in the price.

If you have been trying so hard to figure out where to have your five-ten-year old’s birthday party, think no more. The Glass Palette supplies the partygoers with different shapes and colors that are already precut.

Are you looking for something different for your fundraiser, corporate event, or even a bridal shower? The Glass Palette will teach those attendees that are 11 and up how to cut their glass and utilize it with pieces that are precut when they attend a Fusing Party.

Snack Attack is one of the perfect options available for your Fusing Party. The flat glass can be colored; however, they wish! The Glass Palette fuses and shapes the snack bowl in the kiln. Return in a couple of days to take home your kiddos or event member’s fantastic artwork that is food and safe to go into the dishwasher.

Should it be close to the holidays, party participants can show their creative side as they design glass cookies or ornaments to hang around the house.

Blasting Parties are also available for those aged 5-8 and 9 and above. These parties are an incredible choice should you have participants from out of town. You create the glass piece, and The Glass Palette carves it out in the sandblaster!

Some of the fantastic options include creating your own ice cream bowl, personalized mug, or dessert plate, which is perfect for cupcakes!