Sparking energy through team synergy! Everyone knows the company with the greatest fire or passion is often the most successful. What is preventing your teams’ success? A common road block to success is inter-departmental competition. In today’s competitive business market, teams often forget the synergy that comes from collaboration and tend to automatically compete with their key associates.  Fun, exhilarating and mentally demanding, FireQuest is designed to spotlight the importance of collaboration and demonstrate the natural tendency of most teams to unnecessarily compete. After an introduction to the program concepts, teams are introduced to many new challenges, all designed to promote inter-team collaboration. As teams learn the skills necessary to use a GPS unit, and then locate specific locations around the resort property, they experience the importance of utilizing the natural skills of each team member.

During FireQuest, team members must seek out a variety of checkpoints that are assigned different values determined by ease of access, distance and difficulty, while racing against the clock. Planning and communication are vital for success. While completing the GPS course, each team collects the tools necessary to build a small fire using flint and steel. In order to successfully start the fire, a team must utilize every piece retrieved. Much like the workplace team, if one element is under used or missing, success can be near impossible to achieve.  After an extensive debrief, teams will understand the natural tendency to compete automatically, even when competition is unnecessary.  As a reminder of the lessons learned, each team member takes home a custom designed fire kit to help reinforce the lessons learned.

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Quick Info

  • Level Moderate
  • Duration 2.5 Hours
  • Participants 5-200



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